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cottage style decorating
One of the more popular decorating styles today is cottage style decorating, and it's no wonder since it's light and breezy style is well-suited to today's informal lifestyles. Cottage decorating is a mixture of light colors, comfortable fabrics and furniture and accessories that is easy on the eyes with a vintage appeal.

Contrary to what the name may imply, you can use cottage style for decorating any type of home not just a cottage. Even your three-bedroom ranch in the suburbs can have the ambience of a cute cottage if you decorate it properly.

Furniture is an important part of any decorating scheme and cottage decorating is no exception. You want your furniture to be light and breezy, not heavy and stuffy. Wicker furniture goes well with the style but it is not necessarily the only choice. If you prefer overstuffed upholstered furniture this can look nice, too. But you probably want to stick to chintz, toile, floral, or plain fabric.

If you are on a budget, then cottage style decorating is a good choice because slip covers go perfect with this style. So you can simply buy an older sofa and chairs at a consignment store and slip cover them. Just be sure you pick furniture that has a little bit of style to it.

You can also save money with accessories as this style lends itself well to pieces that you can pick up at the flea market or at yard sales. When you think of cottage decor, you think of old, timeworn pieces that have a little worn paint and interesting aesthetic appeal. Pieces that incorporate shells are also a good choice. Anything that has an interesting shape and a nice texture to it will add to your cottage style.

You want to keep your window treatments light and breezy. Long White sheers are perfect as they will give you some privacy but also let in the light. If you must, you can add a valance but make sure that the material that you pick for it is not too heavy or distracting.

Decorate your walls with vintage prints of the beach or other interesting items such as vintage signs, old tureen covers or plates in holders or even photographs of the outdoors. You might consider putting some stained glass in one of your windows and don't forget to make sure you have lots of plants around the house which will help to soften the look as well as improve your air quality.

You should stick to light colors with your cottage style decorating scheme. Some people like to use all chalk white but if you like a little bit more color you might pick light blues, pale yellows and greens, or tan colors. To get a glimpse of just what colors or accessories might look good, leaf through a few magazines and decorating books to get those creative decorating juices flowing!